Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some books with pictures

I highly suggest buying these. For Christmas, I mean. Instead of socks or prepackaged meat & cheese or gift cards or chocolate. No wait, buy chocolate. But also, buy...

Something classic with beautiful illustrations:

Something dark and literary:

Something whimsical and touching:

Something magical and quiet:

Something funny and smart:

Something poetic and unexpected:

Something real and imagined:

Whatever it is you spend your hard-earned money on, may it be something meaningful and worth buying. In spite of the gaudiness brought to the season by commercialism, if you wish to, make it yours. There can be a sweetness and a magic to it...and I suspect it has to do with tradition and family and thoughtfulness and love.
"Well, my dears, I hope you will like the things I am bringing: nearly all you asked for and lots of other little things you didn't, and which I thought of at the last minute. I hope you will share the railway things and farm and animals often, and not think they are absolutely only for the one whose stocking they were in. Take care of them, for they are some of my very best things.

Love to Chris: love to Michael: love to John who must be getting very big as he doesn't write to me any more (so I simply had to guess paints--I hope they were all right: Polar Bear chose them; he says he knows what John likes because John likes bears).

Your loving Father Christmas
And my love, Polar Bear"

~ J.R.R. Tolkien in Letters From Father Christmas