Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two new books

After several weeks of not buying a single book, I gave in. I should know better than to go to the antique store with money in my pocket. But it was meant to be an Arthur Rackham kind of day.

I found this copy of Willows to add to my collection. It's hardcover and still has the dust jacket, and I paid much less for it than it's worth. It's an unabridged 1940 printing with twelve color plates and an introduction by A. A. Milne:

I also found this copy of Fairy Tales by Andersen. It's not a particularly special copy, but it is hardcover with dust jacket and twelve color plates and tons more illustrations throughout the text. Plus I didn't have a copy. For a kid lit student, that's probably unacceptable:

Aren't they a strange Rackham kind of way? Both books have that satisfying old smell to them which for some reason brings up a recurring image in my mind of a future me disappearing into thin air and kids coming across my spooky house out in the woods and finding it full of books and pulling ones like Fairy Tales off the shelves and flipping through the slightly gruesome pictures and more than slightly gruesome tales, completely enthralled, and hopefully sneaking out with books in backpacks or under their arms. I promise if this happens, and if you're that kid, I will not haunt you.

I'd be perfectly content to know my purpose in life was to leave books behind.