Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumnal writerly getaway

Adjunct teaching takes up about 20-25 hours of my week. That includes lecturing, grading, preparing for class, and tutoring. It's great. Teaching is challenging enough, rewarding, and always changing--three things that keep me motivated. And now that I'm not brand new, I feel reasonably confident doing my job. So it's good.

But that leaves lots of empty hours in the week, and this little bird needs a bit more space to fly. So I'm setting off on an adventure, or perhaps many mini adventures. First stop: the Highlights Foundation Unworkshop, Unguided, Nonevent. Highlights is known by most for its children's magazines, but they also run highly regarded children's literature writing and illustrating workshops. This year, between the regularly planned workshops, they're letting writers and illustrators use the campus as a creative getaway. With no formal plans, we're left to focus on creating, without having to cook or run errands or clean house or feed the dog or do anything. My Unworkshop retreat begins Friday and ends Monday. The goals: experience the fall time Pennsylvania mountains, give my creative writing some much needed attention, and meet others who are doing the same. I'll be blogging each day, if wifi permits, so pictures and hopefully an insight or two to come.


"Why this craving for change? Why not stay on quietly here, like us, and be jolly? You don't know this hotel out of the season, and what fun we have among ourselves, we fellows who remain and see the whole interesting year out. All very true, no doubt, the others always reply; we quite envy you—and some other year perhaps—but just now we have engagements—and there's the bus at the door—our time is up!" ~ Kenneth Grahame in The Wind in the Willows