Saturday, October 13, 2012

Writing Retreat: Day 2

What a nice day. I got into my writing zone! Woke early, had breakfast, and immediately started on a fantasy piece I've put little time into before now. I almost never write fantasy, which means when I do write it, it's fresh and interesting for me. Plus, I got that rare, amazing feeling that comes with knowing I'm creating something I like a lot. Instead of being realistic and heavy like the piece I've worked on for the last several years, this was new worlds, new realities, and new rules. Fun. So fun in fact, I got 3,784 words written! Very proud of myself.

Besides writing, I ate lots more good food (I'm talking pumpkin spinach soup, mashed sweet potatoes, baked tilapia with some magical homemade creamy lemony dipping sauce), met a garter snake warming itself in the sun, played with the rocks in the word garden, took a nap, and had the nicest talk with a new friend (the kind of conversation that makes you surprised so much time has gone by once it's over).

A good day. A great day. Most definitely.