Sunday, October 14, 2012

Writing Retreat: Day - The Last

This is the most I've written in a long time. A story that had a little over one chapter when I arrived has six as I pack to leave. I can't describe how glad I am to be working on something new and something I'm interested in again. For that reason, I'm declaring this writing retreat a massive success.

But not only were there all those brand new lines and paragraphs and chapters today. There were wooly worms too.

They came out with the sun. And so did Cat and Mouse. Mouse lives in a really posh house (rock wall with lots of holes for entryways and tons of hallways for putting tiny mouse furniture and hanging miniature paintings), which he apparently likes to run in and out of to torture Cat.

Then there was more delicious food, and I know you're probably wondering why I always mention it, but until you come to a Highlights thing, you won't understand what a major part of the day food is. First off, it's yummy. Second, the table's where the socializing happens. And third, the chefs are fantastic and funny and nice. And they like their food healthy and pretty and catered to any diet. I appreciate the attention and the aesthetics.

But the very best part of the day was after dinner when we all sat around the table discussing the stuff we've been hard at work on holed up in our little cabins, on our computers, away from the world. It was great to get feedback, to hear their struggles, to give encouragement. It's so easy to feel isolated during the writing process, but the tiniest bit of encouragement, for me at least, can go a long way.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm on a plane and back to the real world. I think I've got a start on something good. And we've certainly begun what I hope will be lasting friendships. Here's to meeting somewhere down the road and to all of our projects. May they be seen by the right people, bought by the right houses, and read by -- Everyone!