Sunday, June 30, 2013

The 103 Books Giveaway!

Hello, and welcome to the 99th blog post on Robin Has An Idea. In honor of the 100th post coming up, I've launched a Robin Has An Idea Virtual Book Drive through First Book. Every $2.50 donated to First Book provides one book to a child in need. My goal is to provide 100 books, which means I need to raise $250. The great part is, I've already met the goal halfway with my $125 donation, so all that's left is the other half!

Whatever doesn't get met by my readers, I'll make up, so there's no pressure at all. I just wanted to give you the chance to be involved, even if only in spirit, as a way of celebrating all the books you loved as a child and the books your children and grandchildren love now.

So click the link above, read my plea for help, 
sign the guestbook if you like, and give a dollar if you've got one.

BUT WAIT! The title of this post is The 103 Books Giveaway. That's because if you donate and are interested in winning three of my most favorite books and a robinhasanidea t-shirt (pictured below--your choice of color and sleeve length), you just send me a quick email at to let me know you donated and wanna be in the drawing. When the donation gathering is over, I'll draw one name to receive the lot. Easy peasy.

Happy reading, and I'll see you in the 100th post where I'll announce how many books were provided for kids in need and what the next 100 posts might hold in store.


"Imagination for the child is the miraculous, freewheeling device he uses to course his way through the problems of every day....It's through fantasy that children achieve catharsis.” ~ Maurice Sendak

“I don't think I'm essentially interested in children's books. I'm interested in writing, and in pictures. I'm interested in people and in children because they are people.” ~ Margaret Wise Brown