Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Purge: The Whiches and Wheres

There are books in the office.

There are books in the guest room.

There are books in the kitchen.

There are books on the ottoman.

There are books in my desk.

There are books on my bedside table.

There are books on his bedside table.

There are books on the dresser.

There are books in the garage. 

There's even a book on the back of the toilet.

My obsession with books started years ago. In light of the long why, lots had to go.

The purge started with this pile of paperbacks way back when we lived in South Carolina.

Unfortunately that was a false start, seeing as I continued to buy more to replace them.

When we moved in 2011, there were so many book boxes, I resolved to shed again once we got settled in Georgia.

The result was this big pile and a trip to the closest Better World Books drop box. Wasn't easy letting them go, but they were mostly duplicates and school books anyway.

Time passed, and I did the same thing all over again. Giving things up comes in waves.

At that point, I was finally rid of the books I didn't care that much about anyway. All that remained were books I did care about. They took more consideration. They needed to go to someone I knew instead of the big green box. So this last wave has been slow, deliberate, and researched. It's taken a few months, but I've now gone through shelf after shelf, kept those I love or can sell, and given away the rest.

The rejections were many and fell into these categories: classic paperbacks, old and interesting but not worth much in cash or in my heart, duplicates, and love 'em but can live without 'em.

There was almost an entire box of Shakespeare alone. But anything I could get for free online seemed a silly thing to carry around, so off they went to three loving homes--first, those of my sisters: the thoughtful and creative openminded hippie and the beautiful warrior who kicked cancer's ass. The other awesome woman in this picture is my niece. She stands up for people no one else will stand up for. We are all book lovers.

The third loving home was that of my lovely, funny, supermom sister-in-law Deborah. She brightens every room she enters.

Books off to good homes. That's a happy ending.


Some beauties I kept