Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Change of season

I can't remember ever being this glad to see spring come. Cold weather was my favorite before this Georgia winter of bland rainy days and rare snows. Out the window now, everything is green. The grass is out of control in the lovely spring way. The trees are phasing from light green to the darker shades they'll settle into for summer. Flowers: everywhere. Blue sky. Gentle breeze. Mosquitoes still hibernating. It's perfect. It's the absolute opposite to rainy and bland. Spring is my new favorite.

Even the Easter eggs were brighter this year, though that's probably due to putting them in highly concentrated food coloring and forgetting about them while I watched a movie. Do you know I'd never in my life eaten a dyed hard-boiled Easter egg till this year? I didn't even know people did that. Ours always ended up smashed in the yard after being hidden and found again too many times. Who knew the dye leaves speckles on the egg white! "We should always dye our eggs!" I said. Jonathan thought that might not be practical. "Besides," he said, "it's so...Easter."

With all this change in the air (literally--the pollen count here was 5000 or something recently), it shouldn't be a surprise that the spring school term is ending and tomorrow is the last meeting of Writing Wild: Exploring the Four Genres, but it is. Seems I was just trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach before going into the first meeting. Now, eight weeks later, I'm sad to see it end. For their final exam, students will bring food (southern covered dish style) and will each read aloud one of the pieces they worked on this term. The class is made up of students I've had over the last three years, so it's special, like having all the kids come back home for Christmas.

Also in the latest news is that my mom turned 60! We had a big surprise party with all of her favorite people and favorite things (tea sets and flowers and prettily laid out deliciousness to eat and pictures of her family). She got everything from handmade quilts to travel gadgets to miniature trees for her front porch. We even announced a girls-only trip to England in July. Everyone said it was the best party, and it was.

There's no telling what summer holds. What's been my busiest teaching schedule yet will dwindle to a single class per week. The TESOL course I've been taking is ending, so no more spending all day Saturday at school. Perhaps I'll get back to blogging more regularly. Maybe finish a full second draft of the recent novel project. Then there are the museums I've been meaning to make time for. Books to read. Movies rotting in the Netflix queue. The painting and wine class I've been putting off...

For now, the big send-offs are happening and there's a mother-daughter trip to plan. I'm taking a breath, letting spring ease us into summer, wondering what the birds are saying, and relishing long walks on these last cool evenings before Harvey gets too old to join us and summer gets too heavy to bear.