Monday, April 28, 2014

World Book Night 2014

World Book Night US just had its third annual book giveaway, and I was happy to be an official Book Giver again at the school where I teach. The book I chose from the giveaway list was Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale. Though I gave the book to rather subdued and distracted students (I caught them as they were going in to take final exams), most had seen and loved the movie version of the story and were excited to read the book once their exams were complete.

If you didn't happen to run across someone giving away free books, not to worry. There's a free eBook of essays and short stories waiting for you at the following link: World Book Night 2014 eBook. Hurry, though, because it's only available for one more week.

So Happy World Book Night 2014, happy reading, and many thanks to the publishers (they pay for all the printings) and the authors (they don't get any royalties for these freebies), especially Terry McMillan.


"When I write, I write basically to liberate myself. And if I liberate myself, hopefully, if I arrive in a different place than when I started the book, then that's how I know. I feel differently. I feel empowered. I feel a sense of grace. And what I do is share that with the world through my writing. And if other people can relate to it, then they experience it on some levels too." - Terry McMillan